Monday, March 5, 2012

~Counting Blessings~

So what is that saying...?? "We make plans and God laughs." It's kind of the story~of~my~life! I had so looked forward to five weeks in Florida. No sweater. No coat. No hat & gloves. First week, I was fighting some kind of bug with a fever. Weather was rather chilly (for Florida) so no great loss. Second week started to warm up. Don't now how else to build up to this so I'll just tell you, 'I fell & broke my foot.' Actually, not only that...but as I was going down, I managed to hit my eye (lid area) & ended up with a HUGE black & blue (and PURPLE) bruise. I really looked AWFUL! So I ended up in a half~calf cast on crutches non-weight bearing...soooo, you know what that means, right? NO pool. NO ocean. Oh My was a HUGE bummer, to say the least!! So, in my misery (that's being a little dramatic, I admit it)...I reflected on what happiness is all about. For ME, it's about being with all the people I love! It's about realizing that 'it could have been worse', I could have done damage to my hip implant which could have required surgery. Thankfully, I didn't. Happiness is about purely being thankful for what I have rather than focusing on what I DON't have. So on that note, I would like to tell you a little bit about the guy with whom I share my life. He is my husband of 17-1/2 years and is an awesome father and grandfather. So to simplify matters, I'll tell you "TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT HIM":
1). He loves me.
2). He doesn't ever panic, he thinks things out thoroughly.
3). He takes care of business...& I mean ALL business that needs taking care of.
4). He doesn't make a big deal out of anything...ever.
5). He's organized.
6). He's funny.
7). He's loving & nurturing.
8). He is super~protective.
9). He's strong (like bull). :)
10). He treats me like a princess.
I'm a lucky, lucky girl. I don't know why I deserve such a good man, but I'm thankful every single day. And I love him completely. He holds my life in his hands & NEVER makes me feel like a burden, even when I am one. So I just wanted everyone to know how important he is to me and why I love him more than anything in the world!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~ Happy, Happy New Year ~

I don't really make resolutions anymore. Oh yeah, I used to. Stop smoking, lose weight, be a better person. Well, the good news is I don't smoke anymore. Do I need to lose weight? Heck, yeah--but it's a constant struggle/challenge & I try not to wait for each new year to make the commitment. I eat healthy because it makes me feel better. And somehow, the weight seems to come off. SLOWLY, but at least it's going in the right direction! And I like to think that I'm a *good person* ... can I be a BETTER one? Of course, we all can. So again, I don't wait for the 'New Year' to make the commitment to improve on who I am. I'm always a work-in-progress and I ALWAYS strive to do the 'right' thing. I'll never stop doing so. So, on that note...I bid you all a very Happy & Healthy 2012! Be the best you can be. Always.

So speaking of a "work-in-progress", Etsy has been a real test of determination & stick-to-it-iveness! I've learned so many things over the past of which is the fact that I REALLY didn't know what I was doing when I got started! I'm one of those 'jump-right-in' kind of people...not one who reads the instructions before jumping in. (THAT's my husband's job!) I can't help it, it's my style. That said, I feel I've come a LONG way...and I'm proud of the outcome. I'm pleased with my sales...although I hope to at least double, maybe even TRIPLE my sales from 2011. That would totally make my day!

Part of being an Etsy seller is getting to know OTHER Etsy sellers. I like to peek into other shops and see what people are into. What kinds of items are out there? How do the shop owners photograph their items? What catches my eye? (OR what doesn't?) Well, one shop that caught my eye is called "The Dorothy Days", where both vintage and handmade finds are showcased. My favorite items in the shop are the beautiful porcelain tea cups & saucers, which are sold as sets...some even in trios. I absolutely LOVE them! I've been fortunate enough to have "inherited" several from my husband grandparents, so I've always appreciated the vintage style...the graceful patterns...and the delicate bone china. Here are some examples:

There are also charming little handmade post earrings with designs like owls, birds and flowers...again with a sweet, vintage feel.

I hope you'll visit "The Dorothy Days" ( as well as other beautiful shops on Etsy. One of the things that makes handmade as special as it that you get to know the seller (or the creator) behind the product. SO much nicer than a 'big-box store' with no knowledge of WHO is the face behind the item. It leaves me cold and empty. But Etsy sellers are there for you to experience. I can't think of anything cozier!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas to ALL!!

Just a few more days to shop, wrap & be ready for the holidays! It doesn't feel like holiday time, for some reason. Maybe it's the weather? Not quite cold enough. Missing some 'white, fluffy stuff', I think. I like a good snowstorm. You know, the kind where everyone is home and you've got a nice fire going in the fireplace. And after a couple of those...I'm ready to go to Florida!! Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you the happiest, healthiest holidays with time spent with your loved ones! After all, THAT's what the holidays are all least for me. Holiday time can also be stressful for some. Health issues...or loss of loved ones...can really bring you down during the holidays. I miss my Dad more than words can say...and I feel for those who are grieving. I also struggle with chronic pain issues & lack of energy due to I look at the list of what I still have NOT done. But I try to dwell on the positive, not the negative. I've accomplished a lot, considering. I guess it could always be worse! So I do what I can...and somehow in the end, I manage to pull it all together!

It was a good year for Jujubeads. Etsy started to pick up, craft shows proved to be worthwhile & the Jujubeads Holiday Party/Trunk Show was a success! So I've decided to put all of my rings on sale...25% off until the end of the year. I hope you'll check them at out (while supplies last) at

Please stay safe & have a wonderful holiday season...and a very Happy New Year to All!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick FYI

Well, my favorite holiday is quickly approaching. Yes, our day of *thanks*. I have so much to be thankful for. Even during the worst times, it's my blessings that I try to focus on...and they lift me up and out of whatever 'funk' I may be experiencing!

So I'm back from a recent trip to Puerto Rico with my hubby and some friends. I'm revived and refreshed and I'm excited about some new pieces I've created. I have decided to run a special sale between now and one week from tomorrow--Cyber Monday (November 28th for those who do not keep track!) Just enter coupon code: THANKS20 and you will receive 20% off your order! How great is that!?!?

I'm wishing ALL of you and wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the holiday with family and friends...and be healthy & safe! Oh! And speaking of "friends and family", please feel free to share this coupon code with whomever you'd like!

XXOO, Juju:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


We may not have Oprah's Favorite Things anymore...but that doesn't mean we ourselves don't have our own favorite things!! So I've decided to form a list of MY Favorite Things & I'm searching through Etsy for all of my items. There are plenty of things to choose from and since Etsy doesn't advertise for us, I've decided that we should advertise for one another!! So sit back and enjoy these beauties that I have collected for you to peruse & admire!!
I absolutely LOVE these fingerless gloves. I love so many things in this shop ( and highly recommend that you check it out.

How beautiful is this bag? It reminds me of one I owned circa 1976. I love the fringe detail. I'm not in the market for a new bag right now but maybe you are? Please note that the bag ships from Uruguay, so keep that in mind if you need it in time for the holidays.(

This is another shop I am completely in love with. Her attention to detail and eye for color is what makes you wanna look twice (and back again & again). Beautiful stuff! (

I liked this so much I bought it for my Granddaughter! I love the colors & the complimentary patterns. Maybe you have a little girl on your Christmas/Hanukkah list? It's available in 18 months up to 4T. (

I'm realizing as I look over all of my favorites that I REALLY like color. This dress is a perfect example of what attracts me. This is SO beautiful. I'm including it on my list even though I don't think it's for me but I love it and I thought you should have a look. It's expensive, but actually being a knitter/crocheter...I know how much work goes into something like this. So for what it is, it is WORTH it. Please note, it ships from Australia. (

Sweet & simple "shabby chic" sconce. You can put fresh or dried flowers in it for that special touch! Great gift. (

I may just have to buy these for myself. I admire them on a regular basis, as I do ALL of the items in this shop. Her work is fabulous...designs are different and feminine and eye-catching. This shop is in Poland so you need to order early to receive in time for the holidays. (

Classic RayBans ... who doesn't love them? I think they look good on just about everyone. And these babies are ON SALE! They won't last long though so check 'em out if you're interested. (

Kris Donegan makes beautiful signs, cards, cupcake toppers. Her work is immaculate and clean ... I know because I purchased a 'nursery sign' from her and it's just lovely!! (

My mouth is watering just thinking about this delectable, SCRUMPTIOUS goody! This is a great item to have if you have a last minute invitation or just need a small gift for any reason at all. It can be an add-on to another gift. Hey, you need no reason at all other than THIS STUFF is DELICIOUS!! (


So I hope you've enjoyed 'window shopping' through my list of Juju's Favorite Things! I am starting my holiday shopping TODAY. Perhaps some of you have already started and some of you are 'last-minute shoppers'...whatever you are, give a try & spread the word!! Although I am a self-confessed shopper and frequent the malls & 'bigger' stores, this year I am vowing to buy my majority of gifts through Etsy. I've had enough of big-box stores and malls and crowds and mass-produced 'crap'. I'm done with it. I will sink into my comfy chair and click away as I glide through my list with ease. Cheers!! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Sorry folks, but I didn't realize that I'm unable to combine a '% off' discount and a 'free shipping' discount ... SOOOO, here's what I'm gonna do! I will give a straight 20% off ... again for ONE DAY ONLY, 8/19. THIS coupon code is: bday20

Two days til B-day :)

SO in two days, I will celebrate the fact that I've been on this earth for FIFTY~ONE YEARS. Honestly, I can hardly believe it. I mean, even though I usually feel like I'm about my head, I'm still around 30~something. It's weird. I guess it's a GOOD maintain a 'little bit' of immaturity, lol. ANYWAY, I've decided to run a big one~day sale on the occasion of my birthday. EVERYthing in my shop is 10% off PLUS free shipping, but ONLY for ONE DAY, August 19th. WOW. Have I lost my mind? I think not. So start shopping and scope out what you think you might be interested in ... and then GRAB it while you can. ONE DAY ONLY. Sorry, no exceptions. How do you like THEM apples?!? *coupon code: JUJUBDAY10off (only valid 8/19)