Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~ Happy, Happy New Year ~

I don't really make resolutions anymore. Oh yeah, I used to. Stop smoking, lose weight, be a better person. Well, the good news is I don't smoke anymore. Do I need to lose weight? Heck, yeah--but it's a constant struggle/challenge & I try not to wait for each new year to make the commitment. I eat healthy because it makes me feel better. And somehow, the weight seems to come off. SLOWLY, but at least it's going in the right direction! And I like to think that I'm a *good person* ... can I be a BETTER one? Of course, we all can. So again, I don't wait for the 'New Year' to make the commitment to improve on who I am. I'm always a work-in-progress and I ALWAYS strive to do the 'right' thing. I'll never stop doing so. So, on that note...I bid you all a very Happy & Healthy 2012! Be the best you can be. Always.

So speaking of a "work-in-progress", Etsy has been a real test of determination & stick-to-it-iveness! I've learned so many things over the past year...one of which is the fact that I REALLY didn't know what I was doing when I got started! I'm one of those 'jump-right-in' kind of people...not one who reads the instructions before jumping in. (THAT's my husband's job!) I can't help it, it's my style. That said, I feel I've come a LONG way...and I'm proud of the outcome. I'm pleased with my sales...although I hope to at least double, maybe even TRIPLE my sales from 2011. That would totally make my day!

Part of being an Etsy seller is getting to know OTHER Etsy sellers. I like to peek into other shops and see what people are into. What kinds of items are out there? How do the shop owners photograph their items? What catches my eye? (OR what doesn't?) Well, one shop that caught my eye is called "The Dorothy Days", where both vintage and handmade finds are showcased. My favorite items in the shop are the beautiful porcelain tea cups & saucers, which are sold as sets...some even in trios. I absolutely LOVE them! I've been fortunate enough to have "inherited" several from my husband grandparents, so I've always appreciated the vintage style...the graceful patterns...and the delicate bone china. Here are some examples:

There are also charming little handmade post earrings with designs like owls, birds and flowers...again with a sweet, vintage feel.

I hope you'll visit "The Dorothy Days" (www.thedorothydays.etsy.com) as well as other beautiful shops on Etsy. One of the things that makes handmade as special as it is...is that you get to know the seller (or the creator) behind the product. SO much nicer than a 'big-box store' with no knowledge of WHO is the face behind the item. It leaves me cold and empty. But Etsy sellers are there for you to experience. I can't think of anything cozier!!

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