Sunday, November 6, 2011


We may not have Oprah's Favorite Things anymore...but that doesn't mean we ourselves don't have our own favorite things!! So I've decided to form a list of MY Favorite Things & I'm searching through Etsy for all of my items. There are plenty of things to choose from and since Etsy doesn't advertise for us, I've decided that we should advertise for one another!! So sit back and enjoy these beauties that I have collected for you to peruse & admire!!
I absolutely LOVE these fingerless gloves. I love so many things in this shop ( and highly recommend that you check it out.

How beautiful is this bag? It reminds me of one I owned circa 1976. I love the fringe detail. I'm not in the market for a new bag right now but maybe you are? Please note that the bag ships from Uruguay, so keep that in mind if you need it in time for the holidays.(

This is another shop I am completely in love with. Her attention to detail and eye for color is what makes you wanna look twice (and back again & again). Beautiful stuff! (

I liked this so much I bought it for my Granddaughter! I love the colors & the complimentary patterns. Maybe you have a little girl on your Christmas/Hanukkah list? It's available in 18 months up to 4T. (

I'm realizing as I look over all of my favorites that I REALLY like color. This dress is a perfect example of what attracts me. This is SO beautiful. I'm including it on my list even though I don't think it's for me but I love it and I thought you should have a look. It's expensive, but actually being a knitter/crocheter...I know how much work goes into something like this. So for what it is, it is WORTH it. Please note, it ships from Australia. (

Sweet & simple "shabby chic" sconce. You can put fresh or dried flowers in it for that special touch! Great gift. (

I may just have to buy these for myself. I admire them on a regular basis, as I do ALL of the items in this shop. Her work is fabulous...designs are different and feminine and eye-catching. This shop is in Poland so you need to order early to receive in time for the holidays. (

Classic RayBans ... who doesn't love them? I think they look good on just about everyone. And these babies are ON SALE! They won't last long though so check 'em out if you're interested. (

Kris Donegan makes beautiful signs, cards, cupcake toppers. Her work is immaculate and clean ... I know because I purchased a 'nursery sign' from her and it's just lovely!! (

My mouth is watering just thinking about this delectable, SCRUMPTIOUS goody! This is a great item to have if you have a last minute invitation or just need a small gift for any reason at all. It can be an add-on to another gift. Hey, you need no reason at all other than THIS STUFF is DELICIOUS!! (


So I hope you've enjoyed 'window shopping' through my list of Juju's Favorite Things! I am starting my holiday shopping TODAY. Perhaps some of you have already started and some of you are 'last-minute shoppers'...whatever you are, give a try & spread the word!! Although I am a self-confessed shopper and frequent the malls & 'bigger' stores, this year I am vowing to buy my majority of gifts through Etsy. I've had enough of big-box stores and malls and crowds and mass-produced 'crap'. I'm done with it. I will sink into my comfy chair and click away as I glide through my list with ease. Cheers!! :)


  1. Nice list of favorites, I also love the fingerless gloves.

  2. I like all :) great findings!:)

  3. What a fantastic idea and what wonderful finds! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Fantastic collection! I'm very flattered I found myself in this collection. Thank you!

  5. Nice collection, I like item 6 and 8, showing my weakness for sunglasses. Love it.

  6. I like your taste! :) oh and I think I see at least one thing on there that I may just end up taking a further look at!

  7. GREAT pics! I love that you're paying it forward. I did a similar blog post of favorite etsy finds yesterday to. It's a personal mission of mine to promote and help other esty shops as much as possible. Stop by our shop link up party way to promote your shop!

    now following from etsy success.

  8. Thank you to ALL of you who made comments. I'm thrilled that you like my finds and that many of you will follow suit (or have already done so) with your own blogs. Yayyyy!

  9. oh I just found this and I love the choices you made and the COLOR....very beautiful.
    I am moved to want to work on my own collection and do an advertisement section on my blog..
    it is very late at night so I won't start it now. In fact I'd better scurry off to bed as I have to get up early to work tomorrow.
    Just happy to have seen your blog again and hope your feeling better.
    Anne from weelambieknits :)