Monday, July 25, 2011

Not enough hours in a day!

I have such a dilemma.  My 'to-do' list is SOOO long and full of chores (more than my usual) and even though I seem to be getting to them one-by-one, I still feel as though I can't keep my head above water!!  And the 'dilemma' is the fact that I just don't have the *ENERGY* to get to it all.  It's one of the most frustrating aspects of this illness.  My head and my heart say:  "I have all these desires and wishes and goals and I need to DO them!"   And with that, my body responds "Yeah, right!!  That's not gonna happen!"  <sigh>  It's something I'm used to by now (33 years) but somehow, it's still one of these areas that I find difficult to deal with.  Should I be less ambitious?  How can I still be productive and purposeful within the parameters of a body that does not cooperate?  Just one of the challenges of living life with a chronic of many.  I guess what I do is simply this:  I take it one-day-at-a-time.  I do what I can do when I can do it.  And when I can't...I don't.  This week, I am preparing for my beautiful granddaughter's first birthday which we are celebrating in my home on Saturday.  Thirty+ people.  Still have some shopping to do and preparing a few little dishes.  Fortunately, everyone's doing it's not all on me.  And then the following day I will be a vendor at a fundraiser for lupus called "Blues On The Bay".  There's always LOTS to do before a craft show or fundraiser like getting pieces in order, polishing up some jewelry, making sure they're priced, getting my business card together (YIKES, something I forgot to put on my 'to-to' list!) and getting it all packed up along with displays & tables & gift bags OH MY!!  My b.p. is going up as we speak.  All I can do is pray for less pain this week and more energy so that I can accomplish AT LEAST the bare minimum of what I hope to accomplish.  Wish me luck?

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  1. Good luck. I know this must be hard for you. Do you have lupus? My brother was diagnosed with lupus some years back. Luckily he's been in remission for a few years now.