Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to the blog!

Well, it's been about six months since I've posted here.  At least I have a good "excuse" or reason, I should say for my absence -- OTHER than "I forgot" or "I had nothing to say", lol.  I've been quite busy setting up my shop, JuJuBeader on Etsy.com.  I jumped into it with both feet (and hands and every other body part) and perhaps should've done some research first, but y'know...that's just not how I roll.  My style is to jump in, splash around for a while and THEN eventually, little-by-little figure it all out.  I think I can honestly say that for the first three, maybe even four months, I REALLY didn't know what I was doing!  HA!   I don't know why that makes me laugh, but I guess it's better than crying about it.  My sweet husband and I have differing opinions and styles on how we approach new endeavors.  He is much more of a left-brain thinker, while I'm much more right-brain, more creative & much more visual person, overall.  He will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read instructions before diving in to anything.  I will hardly ever read instructions.  Again, I'm laughing...which is fortunate because it's just one of many reasons our marriage is as good as it is!  I think we compliment one another in the best ways possible.  And yes, we make a good team.  So, back to Etsy.  I guess it was around April or May when I started to understand the in's and out's of how it works and what I should be focusing on, like better photos and tags & titles for my items.  I had never even heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before I started on Etsy and boy is there a lot to learn!  It can be overwhelming.  But I'm trying to take it one-day-at-a-time.  I still have gobs & gobs to learn but I've come a long way!  This does not necessarily mean that I now know what I'm doing or that I'm any kind of expert. But I'm forging ahead and learning and growing exponentially.  I'm kind of going about it with the attitude:  "fake it 'til you make it".  I'm learning each and every day and I'm enjoying the process of reaching the various plateaus as I proceed with this experience.  And so, I hope that you as my reader gain some enjoyment as you read the trials and tribulations  of my business and of my life and I thank you for riding along!


  1. Yey JuJu!! This post reminds me a bit of me,ja! I belive a whole lot of us at Etsy feel the same way!

  2. Ha! I figured I wasn't alone in feeling this way! I think we all have this drive to succeed and "be something" or sort of leave a mark of who we are or were. I know I was put on this earth for a reason (or reasons)!! Thanks, MsBittyKnacks!:)

  3. Judy! So glad you are back to the blog world!
    I did almost the exactly same thing! I started my Etsy shop when I only had two pieces made and was wondering about why no one buys them or anyone hardly looks at them, lol! Only after about 4 months getting no sales, I realize that I WAS DOING THINGS WRONG!!! There's so much to learn about Etsy, online business, and SEO like you mentioned! I'm glad I met you on the team discussion! It's been a pleasure talking to you!

    I love the attitude "fake it 'til you make it", this is sooooo true ( hahahahaha, whenever I'm giving advices to other people, I'm thinking about this)


  4. ((((Pingy)))))! Thank you so much. I'm glad I met you too. Do you know that I commented on your blog today, too? (<--before I saw THIS comment)!! Anyway, I think you're doing GREAT! XXOO, J.